We are pleased to invite you to participate at the COHESION 2023 conference, the third International Conference focusing on the multi-, inter- and transdisciplinarity of architecture and its cohesion with other professions, which will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of November, in Timișoara, Romania.  

This edition will focus on the formal and informal educational process in Architecture faculties, its current trends, and response to contemporary challenges. The conference will therefore offer an important platform for architects, engineers, researchers, and other specialists to exchange and share their teaching and learning experience in architecture faculties on topics related to architecture, urban planning, heritage management and interior design.

The conference will be held in Timisoara, a historic city full of charm, settled on the northern bank of the Bega River, with a distinct architectural character and a vibrant cultural life. In 2023 Timisoara is also one of the three European Capitals of Culture, due to its multiculturality and rich historical heritage (https://timisoara2023.eu/en/).

More than this, this years conference will be part of the Romanian Schools of Architecture Festival (FAST), an initiative of The Romanian Order of Architects, through its Education and Continuous Learning Department. During the five days, a series events will be organised, consisting of architecture related Talks with internationally renowned guests, several exhibitions, guest lectures, and student workshops, all focusing on the cohesion around common values and visions for the profession.

The festival will highlight the current state of architectural programs and their response to UIA’s call for a “sustainable future“ within which “no one is left behind”. It seeks to engage the speakers and audience in a debate on the role of architecture schools in establishing a correct framework for tackling not only global policies but more often local realities such as lack of resources and a general precarious understanding of the professions role in nurturing quality through common sense practises. A panel of internationally distinguished figures within the profession, as well as aspiring local and regional practitioners will be presented to the audience, and thus a discursive bridge between global and regional perspectives on our profession created.

More information about the Romanian Schools of Architecture Festival (FAST) can be found on the official website (https://fast.oar.archi/home/).

Conference themes and topics

Architecture in all its shapes can be a base for identity, integrity and « spirit of place », value, individuality, emotion, and can play an important role in ensuring social cohesion and welfare of humans. Depending on the context (community, culture), it has multiple values and it can include a variety of activities reaching from new building design, complex heritage building conservation or restoration projects, urban planning and interior design combined with high interest towards understanding the needs of education in architecture faculties în all these domains. 

Considering the main topics of the Romanian Schools of Architecture Festival will also show how architecture and built environment education programs can raise awareness and shape strategies for inclusive design and how different professions can collaboratively work towards peace, social justice, and a sustainable future with strong coalitions.

Aiming to create a more interactive forum for discussions concerning the latest findings in different fields and contributions related to education in architecture faculties, the 2023 COHESION Conference will be organised as a moderated debate within a poster exhibition. Following short presentations, the moderated group discussions ensure a larger and more focused audience and are better aligned with the customs of the architecture and urban planning fields, achieving the desired cohesion between academia and practice.

Considering the multidisciplinarity of architecture the conference will approach architectural education in all its fields: 

Conference topics

Important dates (UPDATED)

23 July 2023 Deadline for abstract submission

24 July 2023 Abstract review decision

25 September 2023 Deadline for full paper submission

09 October 2023 Deadline for full paper review decision

16 October 2023  Deadline for early bird registration fee of authors

16 October 2023 Deadline for revised full paper submission

23 October 2023 Deadline for late registration fee of authors

23 October 2023 Deadline for poster submission 

1 - 05 November 2023 COHESION Conference